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More artificial intelligence, fewer screens: the future of computing unfolds

We are approaching the day when user interfaces and user experience (UI and UX) will mean much more than working through screens on devices. It may not involve screens at all. Photo: Joe McKendrick That’s the word from Accenture, which spells out, in a recent report, the rise of AI as the new purveyor of UI and UX. Developments such as autonomous vehicles and voice-activated home assistants are just early examples surfacing that suggest more screenless computing is on the…

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iPhone 8 price, release date and news: this is what you need to know

The official iPhone 8 release date and price will be announced in three days, but we think we know everything right now, before Apple shows the world the new iPhone at its Cupertino, California campus Tuesday. We have an invite to the September 12 launch event and will soon be able to confirm if the rumors are in fact true. Apple’s 10th anniversary iPhone will debut at the company’s Steve Jobs Theater venue, a fitting stage for the announcement of…

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