The UK is keen to position itself as a hub for education technology (EdTech) that will help students and teachers work and learn better in the future.

With the future of technology taking leaps to explore innovative tech, students are given more opportunity to explore the design & development world.

Ian Fordham is the CEO of Edtech UK, sees a booming ecosystem: “It’s an incredibly busy and diverse space. Most people just see apps for schools but our definition of edtech incorporates the whole diverse range of education.”

“So not just school facing but corporate learning and hybrid edtech with other verticals and sectors like fintech, the internet of things (IoT) and digital making, so going down the consumer route.”

Fordham says there are now more than a thousand edtech companies operating in the UK, and there are still hidden gems that they haven’t reached yet. He says: “We aren’t as mature in terms of the USA, and we are really behind in investment, but it is starting to happen and levels of investment are starting to reach Silicon Valley levels.”

Here are some of the best edtech startups operating in the UK.

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